How The Polygon Office Lobby Establishes Their Global Presence

(With Smart Technology)

Polygon is a global investment and management group acquired by Tetragon Financial Group in 2012. Since that time it’s been considered one of the 50 largest hedge fund managers in Europe. With such a strong reputation of providing exceptional service, it was important to Polygon to update their existing lobby to immediately establish their reputation upon entering the building.

Initial Challenge

After changing the furniture and carpeting, they created an opaque banner on the sophist above the reception desk. Conceptually it was an upgrade, however, it caused an obscured view when looking out the windows of the main lobby, thus disrupting the ambiance Polygon was striving for. This is why the company came to us at Cole AV to provide a more forward thinking way of displaying the logo.

Idea & Goals

After viewing the lobby and extensively speaking with Polygon for their aesthetic and practical goals for the new signage, we decided the best option was to create a digital banner. This would, not only, keep the company name and logo but also provide instant updates for visiting clients – displaying the VIPs name and company.

Cole AV Smart Solution

In order to implement this idea successfully, we created and installed a “see through” TV. Working with Polygon, their architect, and GC, we were able to easily remove the existing sophist. Once removed we installed a translucent panel – a TV with digital media signage which can be easily updated via web browser where new content can efficiently be added, with ease and confidence.

With the new panel in place, the lobby further enhances Polygon’s status in two defining ways. First, the lobby is now visually streamlined. Leading to an enhanced client experience providing a personalized, unique welcome while simultaneously maintaining Polygon’s brand presence.

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